Wiff of the Woods comes from a childhood nick name born from my inability to say “if” properly. The name was the source of a few leg pulls as a child but has followed through into adulthood.

I have always had a natural connection with wood, from making my first
go cart, to carving a face, walking stick handle, coat hook or spoon.

There is always a new personal discovery and design challenge I can form with the material.

I like to work with locally sourced timber from nearby woodlands and enjoy giving a product to customers that they can have a real personal link with.

Nothing beats finding a freshly cut lime wood log at Ilam Hall carving it by hand and selling the made coffee scoop to a customer who will cherish it.

In addition I also have a micro letterpress print works based around a collection of Adana printing table top presses and a few trays of old type faces and printing blocks
(many are in Wood!) My father was a printer in Leek and the smell from those ink cans just takes me back.

The creation of your own printed material in a digital age, it involves all the senses.
It feels more vibrant.

I also enjoy making pick up and go gifts from small badges to my always popular maps of the local area mounted on wood